Florence to Rome – Riding the Pilgrims’ way – Day 1

Four days, 395km of cycling, over half of which is off road and 7250m elevation gain on 3T Exploro gravel bikes. From Tuscany’s famous strade bianche, to the wide open vistas of the Val D’Orcia, the rural and undiscovered landscape of Northern Lazio and finally to the magnificent Eternal City of Rome.
rolling dreamers in florence
cyclists on the first road climb of the via francigena bike tour
Cycling through central Rome
Rolling Dreamers cheers in Rome

Florence to Rome – Riding the Pilgrims’ way – Day 2

After another superb breakfast we are immediately onto narrow gravel roads lined with Cypress trees. It is today that we will join the Via Francigena and from here on, we follow it as closely as possible all the way to Rome.  The views stretch even further than yesterday. This is classic Tuscany. It is here that the most famous photos and films of the region have been taken or shot. Houses appear on hilltops looking like magazine covers, their driveways winding invitingly along the ridge


Florence to Rome – Riding the Pilgrims’ way – Day 3

After breakfast but before we begin our ride, the Contessa very graciously shows us around the Castle of Proceno. The apartments in which she lives are full of a collection of furniture and objects from many lifetimes, including an old printing press which, when it arrived in the area, would have been a rare marvel. Clothing from bygone eras can be seen; it is like a fascinating mini museum and a window onto the past of this noble local family. We thank the Contessa and begin to pack our bikes.


Florence to Rome – Riding the Pilgrims’ way – Day 4

The morning of day four greets us with the view of the hotel which we could not appreciate the night before. Housed in a former convent, the large property is right next to the Francigena so it is a simple few hundred metres of road until we are back on track. Though today is the shortest and therefore should be the easiest day of the trip, the fatigue of the last three days has built up and we pedal with tired legs.


Road to Barcelona

Inseguire un sogno. Impegnarsi e orientare le proprie energie per raggiungere una bellezza appagante. Quanti di noi ci provano? E quanti ci credono davvero? Un viaggio tra amici, condividere dubbi e incertezze, superare diversi ostacoli e arrivare alla meta con le proprie forze. Questo è lo spirito che ci anima, l’impulso che ci spinge a inseguire sogni sempre nuovi.


Road to Paris-Roubaix

Partecipare a questa gara è per ogni ciclista, professionista o amatoriale che sia, una sfida che nutre ambizioni e aspettative, una fonte di ispirazione per raggiungere traguardi e grandi soddisfazioni.