A team of Professional Dreamers

A dream you dream alone is just a dream.
A dream you dream together is reality.

We are a team of professionals who endeavour every day to make sport a means of sharing positive values, linked to respect for ourselves, for others and for the planet.

We believe in the transformative power of fatigue especially when it is shared in its most noble and genuine spirit.

We have adopted travel as a way of life and have found the best tool for discovering new places and people is a bicycle; pushing on the pedals and letting the wheels roll towards adventure.

But we are aware that every trip requires preparation, attention to detail, training and above all motivation. Just like making a dream come true.

For this reason we put into our daily work not only passion and commitment but also all our experience and professionalism, with particular attention to the person in front of us and to the quality of the relationships with those who choose to rely on us to have new experiences and achieve their goals.

Matteo Venzi rolling dreamers profile foto

Matteo Venzi


Instagram | LinkedIn

Never say never man. Triathlete and traveler, he is not afraid of failure but has a desire and hunger: to try, to learn, to reach the objective. Over time he has learned to slow down and to interpret performance not as an end but as a means to improve and better enjoy each new journey, with the right balance between training and well-being. So many ideas but he has them very clear and is determined to put them into practice.

Favourite Tour Moment:
“We have had so many great moments on our tours but as someone who is very adventurous, the thing I am most excited about are our Expeditions: more challenging tours to locations that will really test the participants”.

Mattia Orrù Rolling Dreamers profile photo

Mattia Orrù


Instagram | YouTube

If he’s not holding a camera he’s probably eating. Once he discovered that cycling brings traveling to a different level, he never went back. Always ready to wake up before sunrise to ride in the morning mist and enjoy the beauty of the landscapes, he doesn’t mind washing his kit every day if he can have some extra room for some camera gear to capture it.

Favourite Tour Moment:
“When we rode the route of the new Tuscany Gravel Ring, I was blown away. I think that tour shows the region at its best: with all the vineyards and cypress tree-lined roads you’d expect but also the wilder parts of Tuscany that are totally surprising even for a local like me”.

Carlo Cesar Rolling Dreamers round`profile  photo

Carlo Cesar

Customer Success manager & Former pro track sprinter

Instagram | LinkedIn | Strava

From pushing watts to eating gravel. From cycling as a professional sprint track cyclist, all about peak power output, to riding the miles with the Rolling Dreamers team immersed in culture, nature, gastronomy and history. This Dutchman is writing Italian poetry on his bike whilst still enjoying that occasional sprint. Besides your tour guide he’s our commercial guy managing our partnerships.

Favourite Tour Moment:
“For me that would be simply the first tour I did with Rolling Dreamers, the via Francigena. The mixture of adventure, the stupendous landscape and the numerous cultural and historical heritage sites that we encountered during the tour was a jaw dropping experience that ever since I’m reliving every tour I do”.