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Explore Verona & Lake Garda

Beauty, culture, nature, and history; Verona is a top destination for those who love cycling in breathtaking settings.

Rolling Dreamers and Rouleur for a ride around Verona and Lake Garda

Memory is selective. We remember things better when they emotionally strike us, and what’s better than good food, fine wine, and taking in views on two wheels?

“I moved to live in Verona because in this city, I see a new cycling destination in Italy. In my opinion, it holds much more value compared to other places,” so says Matteo Venzi, CEO & Founder of Rolling Dreamers.


The Rolling Dreamers settlement in Verona

Rolling Dreamers started in Tuscany in 2016, offering bike tours focusing on travel experiences by bicycle. Whilst its operational base ramains around Florence, Tuscany, since 2023, the company extended its presence to Verona for a series of projects


Sitting on the saddle of a bike, one reinvents geography following the allure of their favorite routes and destinations imbued with a cycling spirit. Vicenza, Bassano del Grappa, Verona, and Bergamo are becoming increasingly relevant in terms of the cycling environment and economy. Our goal is to establish various activities in Verona.

Despite discussing ambitious goals, the dream is to make Verona a place to go cycling because its routes have nothing to envy from more renowned destinations.

The stunning city of Verona surrounded by beautiful views and historical monuments

Verona is rich in history, culture, and beauty. Among the Adige River that flows sinuously through its historic center resembling a silver ribbon embellishing postcard-like views. Castelvecchio, with its battlemented towers seemingly challenging the sky, imposingly stands between the Scaliger Bridge and the Arch of the Gavi, dominating the adjacent Corso Cavour.


And of course, the Arena, the temple of opera. An extraordinary architectural, ancient work that blends the past and present like few other places can. Arriving on two wheels in front of this millennial amphitheater, now the world’s largest open-air lyric theater, and perhaps stopping for a coffee in a bar in the iconic Piazza Bra, is like placing a puzzle piece in its place.

You feel an indescribable sensation, feeling in the right place to fully appreciate the beauty of this city. Cycling around these parts is a truly unique experience. You immerse yourself in the history of cycling and relive some of its most exciting moments.

The chosen location for its new project is one of the most extraordinary cities in the world, and its strategic position offers picturesque panoramas as kilometers unfold beneath the wheels.


In the last couple of years, Rolling Dreamers has worked to select diversified routes that allow discovering the peculiarities of this area.

Rolling Dreamers’ three road routes start from a city that is a treasure trove of art and culinary delights, leading through picturesque rows of vineyards, up climbs where you can breathe fresh and clean air, along the shores of a lake immersed in a natural landscape of extraordinary beauty, and in places with a rich cultural heritage.

A bike tour in these parts is a surprising sensory journey to discover a territory with multiple facets, where history (including cycling history) intertwines with the magnificence of nature and culture, forming an unparalleled blend of tradition and innovation.