Road to Paris-Roubaix

Hell of the North. The queen of the classics.

For those who love cycling, Paris-Roubaix is ​​not simply a race, it appeals to our collective imagination. The cobblestones, the Arenberg Forest, the Carrefour de l’Arbre, even the changing rooms of the Roubaix velodrome have, over the years, become timeless icons of heroic effort, the true and purest soul of cycling in every era.


“If your dreams don’t scare you, it means they’re not big enough”.

For some it may seem like a simple catchphrase, but for Matteo and Andrea – our Rolling Dreamers – dreaming big is a real philosophy of life. And the dream of racing Paris-Roubaix alone isn’t big enough, at least for them.

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Thus another adventure in the saddle takes shape: starting from Florence to reach Paris by bike, crossing two countries and climbing the Alpine passes, accompanied by the capricious spring weather. And from there take part in the great classic: the Hell of the North. A heroic undertaking in anyone’s eyes, for them simply an indispensable way of being themselves and following their passions to the end.

8 stages, 1400 kilometers, 13,000 meters of vertical gain: a route that starts from Florence, passes by Parma, Lake Maggiore, Turin, includes the climb of Montgenèvre and finally crosses the hills of Briançon. From there, straight to Paris, through the boundless French countryside.

A route that spares no rain, wind, cold and even snow, in the hardest alpine stage of the entire trip. And then the fatigue, an awkward and bulky companion, but who basically resembles those friends who are a bit of a pain, but who push you to really get to know yourself and bring out the best in you, even when you think you no longer have an iota of energy.